Corporate Gifts

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Brand Name GoodsBrand Name Goods

We represent the industry giants—brands that dominate their market. Our brands cover several categories and every price point, providing a wide field of choice from the household names of retail. Our factory-direct access gives us pricing and supply chain leverage – which means you enjoy it too. From consumer electronics and housewares to toys and sporting goods, browse our brands to find the perfect product for your next program.

Promotional ProductsBranding with Promotional Merchandise

Promotional marketing is about more than just putting your logo on cool stuff. It’s a chance to make a tangible connection with your target audience. We want to make sure your message is heard loud and clear, so our process starts by learning everything we can about your goals and objectives. Why? Because a pen is never just a pen. It’s your brand in a client’s hand.

Once we understand your brand, we do the heavy lifting. Through competitive research, trade shows, and trend evaluation, we go the extra mile to offer ideas that are creative, innovative and tailored to your objectives.

Take a look at our promotional collection with over a million items and let us know what grabs your eye. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Call or email us.

GlobalSourceGlobalSource: Endless Possibilities

As the industry’s leading sourcing specialist, GlobalSource offers competitive pricing and surprisingly short lead times for customized promotions that set a brand apart. From a PMS color match and unique imprinting to new product features or extra-large quantities – the possibilities are endless.